Dungeons & Dragons Club – TEENS (Online!)

INTRODUCING… D&D Legends! A weekly campaign for our TEEN adventurers! 

There is a call on the wind; a feeling that stirs the hearts of mortals. The evil of the world moves once more, and those who are willing to stand against it heed its call. Adventurers! It is time to grab your gear, form your party, and set off against… the Whispered One! It is time to rise and become Legends!

Join Dungeon Master Kyle (DMKJ) every Thursday evening for some amazing adventures!

**New to D&D? Please take our INTRO course first! 🙂

Ages: 13-17
Runs: Thursdays from 6:15pm – 8:15pm via Zoom
Members: $135/session
Non-Members: $165/session

Not a member? Click 
HERE to become one! 🙂


  1. September 14th, 2023 – October 26th, 2023
  2. November 2nd, 2023 – December 14th, 2023
  3. January 11th, 2024 – February 22nd, 2024
  4. March 7th, 2024 – April 25th, 2024
  5. May 9th, 2024 – June 20th, 2024
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