Loud and Proud Singing Group

Join our youth singing group beginning on Wednesday, May 29th – LOUD & PROUD! This all-levels-welcome choral group will meet for 10 classes and work together under the leadership of the lovely and talented Jessica Rayner to put together a set of songs (solos, duets & choral pieces!) to perform at our Simcoe Grand Opening event in July and the Lynn River Music and Arts Festival Art with Heart Youth Stage in the KidsZone! This is a fantastic opportunity for budding young musical artists and singers to learn more about their voices, how to sing in a choir and performing – from a wonderful instructor/musician who brings a wealth of knowledge and talent! The class will run from 5pm-6pm each week, will be best suited for ages 7-12 and is $100 plus tax. Come sing loud and proud with us!


We are so lucky to have Jessica as our new Musical Instructing Artist!

“My name is Jessica Rayner, and I am a Port Dover grown musician. Throughout high school I developed a passion for children while working as a gymnastics coach (something I still love to do) as well as a passion for music while perusing RCM certificates and singing at local events around Norfolk County including the Lynn River Music and Arts Festival, Norfolk’s Got Talent, and Lavender Fest. I am currently in the last quarter of my degree, a Special Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music at York University where I have been able to grow as a musician in many ways. I have been able to develop my abilities as a classical pianist, arranger and composer, and also developed a special interest in Celtic music. I’ve had the opportunity to play both the piano and the tin whistle in York University’s Celtic Ensemble, and to play the alto saxophone with the York University Wind Symphony. I hope to bring the joy of music back to my lovely, local community to anyone who may need it in their life!”