Pouring Our Hearts Into This

While the world has paused, locked down, seemingly in some ways “stopped;” behind-the-scenes at Art with Heart Studio has never been busier as we fight to combat the harsh financial fallout of COVID-19. It’s time to get real about how a rural nonprofit youth arts organization stays afloat amid a global pandemic. (Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t, without a LOT of heart and community support).

Here’s the thing, we aren’t the only ones struggling and knowing this, it has been difficult to speak up. We know there are COUNTLESS other organizations and businesses facing the same realities we are, and it is gut-wrenching. 

The arts industry is being hit particularly hard by this pandemic. The absence of theatre has left a hole in our programming, and in our hearts – as well as thousands of theatre professionals across Canada and millions across the world. Artists are struggling from galleries being closed, and supplies being difficult to source; musicians are struggling from lack of events and venues. It is staggering to witness and to be part of. Our hearts beat with our fellow creators, entertainers, friends. 

Art with Heart Studio, a place that used to be bustling with theatre, music and arts students; scheduled to the minute with classes, events, shows, festivals and school field trips… Now sits empty more often than not; a ghost of what it once was. And yet, it still costs the same to maintain as we try desperately to remain open until the day we can gather here once more.

Our Fixed Monthly Building Expenses                                        Rent: $1606.86
Hydro: ~$170.00
Gas: ~$160.00
Water: ~$65.00
Internet: $107.30
Phone: $~79.10
Insurance: $335.78

Before the pandemic, our organization’s revenue-generating activities (classes, events, fundraising, donations, etc) would have more than covered these costs, plus loan repayment, the costs of running programming and staffing. However, the pandemic has so drastically reduced our ability to do most of our revenue-generating activities, that the people who run our organization had to go unpaid for the better part of 2020 to save on expenses. Even now, their hours (and salary) have been reduced to less than half in order to keep expenses down.  They’ve been volunteering their time for the remaining hours in order to keep AWHS going. They are pouring their hearts into this.

Our teaching staff stay up late at night planning online classes, curating art boxes, sourcing materials, making instructional PDF’s and tutorial videos so that the youth in our community can continue to have access to arts programming from home during these challenging times.They are continuously pushing to find ways to make the online experience just as fun and engaging as in studio. They are pouring their hearts into this.

Our volunteer board of directors have spent countless hours searching for grants and government programs that are available to us during this difficult time. They cross their fingers and hope our grant applications will be approved as they advocate every day for our latest fundraising initiative. They are pouring their hearts into this.

Why Are We Pouring Our Hearts Into This?
Because we BELIEVE that what we do for our community is important. That inspiring and motivating people to create, especially NOW, is VITAL.

Why? Because it offers an escape, an outlet, a tribe of like-minded friends. It improves your ability to think outside the box and problem solve. But most of all, it offers HOPE. And we could all use a little more hope right now.

After all that everyone has lost this past year, we are not interested in Art with Heart Studio being on the list of all that COVID took and adding to that devastation. But we can’t do it alone.

...We've Created a Way For YOU to Pour YOUR Heart Into This With Us!

We have dreamed up a super fantastically cool NEW Fundraiser Art Box Initiative – our Paint Pouring FUNdraiser Kits!

The creative possibilities are endless in the wonderful world of paint pouring! Get a little messy and explore this fun, free-flowing art style while also supporting our nonprofit arts organization with this awesome fundraiser paint kit! These kits were designed specifically for adults and teens in mind, but kids can absolutely take part in the fun with adult supervision!

Choose from FIRE, WATER, or RAINBOW colour options.

Each paint pouring kit contains:
– 2 canvases
– 6 pouring medium colours
– Glitter
– Colouring sheet (designed by our Founder)
– Mixing cups
– Table cloth
– 1 video tutorial created by one of our talented instructing artists!
– And a Thank You gift!

Pickup & Delivery Options:
*Pick up at the studio or at TBD Hamilton Mountain location
*FREE Delivery in Haldimand/Norfolk & Hamilton
Order Deadline: March 1st, 2021
Pickup/Delivery: March 13th & 14th, 2021

PLUS, Showing your LOVE of LOCAL by making a positive impact in your community has never been easier with our DONATE A BOX option!

🎨You can support our Paint Pouring Art Box Fundraiser, while ALSO supporting one the following INCREDIBLE local organizations, their members and their work;

⭐️ Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home
⭐️ Haldimand-Norfolk REACH
⭐️ Norview Lodge
⭐️ Haldimand & Norfolk Women’s Shelter
⭐️ Community Living Access
⭐️ Norfolk Association for Community Living (NACL)
⭐️ SouthCoast Community Caring For Cancer

Show your support SIMPLY by choosing the “DONATE A BOX” option when ordering on our website – then, all the donated boxes will be brought to these organizations to distribute to their members, DOUBLING the impact of your donation to us.
This is what community is all about, lifting each other up in times of difficulty. And when we look around at the community we built our little studio in, we are so very proud and honoured to be part of it. <3

We can do it, right?!

Our goal is to sell 500 fundraiser kits by March 1st! Seems like a lot, doesn't it? But 500 kits will cover our building operating costs for FOUR months and reaching this goal will be a HUGE help to our staff, creative team and everyone behind the scenes who have been pouring their hearts into this for so long <3 

Fundraiser Boxes Currently Sold
Sold 27%