INTRODUCING…Drama Kidz [High School Edition]!

We can’t wait for Drama Kidz Season 5…and here’s why!

The Art with Heart Drama Kidz Program is adding a *NEW* company to it’s ranks – for high school students! That’s right, students in grades 9 to 12 will be able to join this new, exciting program starting in October and running through April with weekly rehearsals. The theatre company will be working closely with experienced Youth Theatre Director Nikki Campbell-Schram as she mentors them through the complexities of not only acting, but theatre production and technical aspects as well – culminating in April with shows at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre.

“This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do and I finally have the ability to make it happen!” Nikki says, “Sears Drama Festival, the spring production, community theatre – these productions I took part in during my high school career truly shaped who I am today, which is probably why I am so passionate about it!”

Students will be given the tools, skills and opportunities to choose their own piece of theatre to perform, and will be part of the entire production process (from budgeting to casting to marketing to stage production) in addition to performing on stage. 

The program is happy to welcome students who do not wish to perform on stage as well – there are mentorship opportunities for aspiring stage managers, directors and more! The company will operate as a team on stage AND off to put on a fantastic production, with the guidance and leadership Nikki provides. She says,

“I knew it was time to finally make it happen when several of my Drama Kidz students were sadly growing out of the program and a parent approached me to ask if I’d ever thought about programming for high school students.”

The Drama Kidz [High School Edition] program will be a fantastic addition, as Art with Hearts regular Drama Kidz program (which is primarily aimed at Primary & Middle School students) will continue to operate as usual. 

Registration is open NOW, just click here! (or reach out to us to set up a payment plan!)—–>