Art with Heart Studio Newly Incorporated as a Not for Profit Organization

For more than 4 years, Art With Heart studio has provided arts programming for hundreds of Norfolk County residents. From PA Day/March Break and Summer Arts camps for youth to Drama Kidz for budding actors to adult paint nights, Art With Heart Studio has impacted Norfolk County residents in every demographic, from toddlers to grandparents.

Now , Art With Heart is pleased to announce that Art With Heart is now Art With Heart Studio INCORPORATED, a NON-PROFIT corporation.

Why has Art With Heart Studio become a non-profit organization?


As Founder/CEO Nikki Campbell-Schram explains, “Becoming a non-profit allows us to tap into available arts funding and expand our programming so that ultimately, we can reach so many more youth in Norfolk County and beyond!”

Operationally, nothing has changed. Nikki Campbell-Schram, Leanne Zyba,  continue on as artistic directors. Behind the scenes, as a non- profit, Art With Heart Studio now has a board of directors to help guide the organization into the future.

Leanne Zyba says, ” I’m really excited about this, because it provides a structure for growth and opens up options Art With Heart didn’t have before. This is the beginning of some great things.”Nikki Campbell laughs, “Just watch! This is SO fun!”

As a non- profit, Art With Heart Studio can now accept donations to fund programming. Their main goals are to provide a subsidy program for underprivileged youth, to provide arts support to local schools and to help make the studio fully accessible.  Information on donorship and sponsorship opportunities will be coming shortly. For more information, contact Leanne Zyba or Nikki Campbell-Schram at 226-567-5500 or [email protected]