Brushes, Tools & Miscellaneous


Liquitex Basics Student Brushes

Ferrule: Stainless
Handle: Long Handle
Brush Type: White Nylon

These long-handled white nylon brushes are durable, easy to clean, and hold ample amounts of color. Their medium-soft bristles provide the ideal responsiveness for soft-bodied to medium-bodied acrylics, and their economical price makes them perfect for students, amateurs, or professionals.

Liquitex BASICS® Brushes are available in five popular shapes in a range of sizes: Round, Bright, Flat, Filbert and Fan

The prices for these brushes at our store range between $2.79 and $6.79 each.

Also available are Liquitex Basics Short Handle Brush Set of 6 (pictured here) for $8.99


Liquitex Freestyle Professional Brushes

Ferrule: Rust Free Stainless
Handle: Long and Contoured
Brush Type: Synthetic Nylon

Freestyle Traditional Brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic nylon which make them ideal for all acrylic applications. Their long contoured handles provide extra comfort when holding the brushes at the tails but also are nicely balanced so that they provide perfect control when held below the ferrule.

The prices for these brushes at our store range between $11.19 and $19.29 each.


Reeves Tear-Off Palettes provide 40 disposable palettes for use with Acrylic or Oil Paint. No messy clean up, just toss it when you are finished!

$5.99 each




Artists Mannequin

Great for figure study! $22.99