Gesso and Mediums

Liquitex Gesso

Surface Preparation Medium

  • Texture: Fluid
  • Sheen: Matte
  • Relative Opacity: Opaque

Liquitex Gesso is a premium acrylic gesso used to prepare painting surfaces for acrylic and oil paint.

  • Non-yellowing
  • Flexible and non-cracking
  • Provides the perfect “tooth” and adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper and wood
  • Excellent base coat primer for many applications for example murals
  • One coat is usually all that is required

Application: Use undiluted or thin up to 25% with water. When thinning more than 25% use an equal mixture of water and Liquitex Matte Medium to thin gesso. Tint with up to 10% Liquitex Soft Body or Heavy Body Artist Colors.

Available in the various sizes and types listed below;

  • Gesso 118ml – $9.99
  • Gesso 473 mL – $24.99
  • Gesso 946 mL – $32.99
  • Gesso 1.89L – $50.99
  • Clear Gesso 118mL – $9.99
  • Clear Gesso 237mL – $19.00
  • Clear Gesso 473mL – $24.99

Liquitex Gel Mediums

Liquitex Gel Mediums add body to thinner paint for impasto techniques as well as extending color volume and adding transparency. Gels also add “open time” as they tend to dry slower than thinner paint films. Gel mediums can modify acrylic paints in a variety of ways and, since they contain acrylic resins, tend to improve adhesion and durability

The product of over 50 years experience in high quality acrylic paint and art supplies, Liquitex gel mediums can add texture, enhance color and increase transparency within your work.


  • Add Body
  • Increase “open” time
  • Dry transparent or translucent
  • Extend the volume of paint
  • Hold brush or knife marks
  • Make an excellent archival adhesive for collage