Drama Kidz!

The Drama Kidz program includes twelve classes of learning FUN-damental acting skills such as memorization, character development, voice and movement, as well as building self confidence! All while rehearsing a play to be performed at Lighthouse Festival Theatre, showcasing all our young actors hard work and enthusiasm for an audience full of family and friends!



Writer’s Block

Thursday, April 6th 1:00PM and 7:00PM

Tickets: $10 Adults $5 students and kids Matinee Pricing: $5/ticket

Things are not going well for Lyssa. It’s bad enough to be stuck in a group assignment with classmates that don’t even like each other, but it’s even worse when severe cases of writers block set in. How will they EVER finish this project so they can get out of each others hair for good?

Art with Heart presents their fifth Drama Kidz production entitled ‘Writers Block’ written and directed by Nikki Campbell-Schram and starring local youth actors Dylan Balcomb, Jaden Banfield, Sadie Best, Lily Cathcart, Aislin Erwin, Teagan Gulley, Isla Kelly, Chloe LaFleche, Seth LaFleche, Sophie Larway, Sam MacDonald, Rebekah Martin, Henry Miller, Sidney Miller, Abi Richards, Emma Smout, Elodie Suprun, and Sara Vervaeke!

To purchase your tickets, please call the Lighthouse Festival Theatre box office at 519-583-2221 or to purchase your tickets online, Click here!

Past Shows

dressrehearsalposterThe Dress Rehearsal was performed on Saturday, December 3, 2016 at Lighthouse Festival Theatre STARRING Drama Kidz Dylan Balcomb, Teagan Gulley, Justine Vervaeke, Sara Vervaeke, Grace Lima, Ella Bradt, Isla Kelly, Alexis Veri, Maggie Norton, Sophie Larway, Sidney Miller, Henry Miller, Emma Fulton, Jaden Banfield, Elodie Suprun, Sadie Best, Janel Chanda, Riley Maracle and Rex Dale-Vankerrebroeck!

The cast and crew are gathered at the theatre for their dress rehearsal of a ‘Christmas Extravaganza,’ after rehearsing and preparing for months, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?  The answer, is everything. Written and directed by Nikki Campbell-Schram, this show had magic, music and lots of holiday spirit!


Imagine That! was performed on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 at Lighthouse Festival Theatre. STARRING Art with Hearts incredibly talented Drama Kidz company; Shelby Balcomb, Jaden Banfield, Ella Bradt, Emma Fulton, Brenna Gibson, Leah Gibson, Natalie Knocke, Sophie Larway, Riley Maracle, Maggie Norton, and Arthur Shantz!

Just what exactly goes on when the kids are sent outside to play for the day? Where do they go, what do they do? And furthermore, what do Moms DO when the kids aren’t around? Find out as we follow the intertwined stories of the Crossroads Club and Mommies Anonymous, written and directed by Nikki Campbell Schram in “IMAGINE THAT!”


April Fools! was performed on April 1st, 2015 at Lighthouse Festival Theatre. STARRING Art with Hearts Drama Kidz company Dylan Balcomb, Shelby Balcomb, Jaden Banfield, Caldon Bowden, Ella Taylor, Brenna Gibson, Maddie Jones, Natalie Knocke, Arthur Shantz, Maggie Norton, Emma Fulton and Wyatt Cowan.





Back to the Past was performed on December 18th, 2014 at Lighthouse Festival Theatre, starring Art with Hearts Drama Kidz company Dylan Balcomb, Shelby Balcomb, Jaden Banfield, Caldon Bowden, Jayah Ellerington, Brenna Gibson, Maddie Jones, Natalie Knocke and Arthur Shantz!